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Knight of Abyss

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Knight of Abyss


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On the eve of Knight’s 17th birthday a villainous group known as “The Collective” invades the Ancient Abyss Island of Hope and destroys it, setting off a chain of events that reveal an ominous prophecy “Night of Abyss” Knight being the sole survivor of Hope sets out to uncover the mystery of Hope’s untimely destruction; befriending two war orphan’s Ruby and Nao. Together the trio are tasked with uncovering the mystery behind Hope’s destruction and stopping the ancient prophecy “Night of Abyss.”


Knight of Abyss Vol 1 Pages Art by: Kwaksix (Figures in fighting stance, with lots of smoke around and combat gear)
Amilita Supreme: Wears a green cape with a sword
Knight: Knight wields the powerful and unstable power known as sonic abyss
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