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Dr. Kanks

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Dr. Kanks


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I am Cynthia Kankeu, I am from Cameroon, I am a mother, an entrepreneur, and a scientist who is passionate about hair even if I had my PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences. I am the face behind Kank's Store and I started manufacturing our products in my kitchen. The products are handmade, they contain only ONE preservative and we are so proud to say that they are mainly made of natural ingredients and contain very few synthetic ones (ranging from 3 to 7 depending on the type of products). Our products are designed according to your hair porosity and last but not least we take a lot of LOVE and PASSION manufacturing them for you. Our handmade products are designed to leave your hair hydrated, soft, and shiny. Our Hibiscus line is perfect for those who have normal or high porosity hair. Formulated with Hibiscus Flower to nourish, strengthen, increase hair thickness and leave your hair shiny. Its pH helps high porosity hair retain moisture while providing shine to hair. Our Aloe Vera line is perfect for those who have normal or low porosity hair. Formulated with Aloe Vera and Honey to nourish, strengthen, condition, and leave your hair shiny. Aloe Vera has been used for decades for its healing and soothing properties. It is rich in vitamins, and minerals that strengthen your hair and leave your scalp healthy.


Cynthia Kankeu

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