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Now Web Services (NWS) is a subsidiary of DC Now Events that provides advertising, b2b (business to business), outsource, lead finding, and digital design online services to individuals, companies, nonprofit, and governments, on monthly or pay-as-you-go basis. Our Now Web Services provide a unique approach to position your message, business, event, or content to our targeted audience.

One of the services we provide is Advertising slots (AS), which allows users to have their event virtually advertised to our audience online; by posting your event content on DC Now Events social media platforms or running paid ads that are customized and tailored to your target audience. 

With adequate and precise customer service, NWS focuses on solving problems and getting results. The NWS technology connects with you on a grassroot and local level by implementing an easy to grasp service option. As part of our subscription agreement; we provide rates that meet your budget and can pay for a single or monthly advertising slot. 

NWS will be your go-to-service needs; as our model goes. You Connect. We Solve. NWS Services We Provide:  Advertising & Sourcing,  Outsource & Lead finding, Graphic design, Videography, Photography, Event Planning, Video Edition, Content creation, Article write up, Consultant, Marketing Business Plan, Public Relations, and Instagram & Facebook Live marketing.

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